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Who carves on people makes them smaller. Showing people something (their potential) opens up new possibilities

To communicate well is actually quite simple! But many people are afraid of performing on a stage, are afraid of difficult conversations or unpleasant counterparts. As an experienced speech trainer, communication coach and keynote speaker, Michael Rossié will not only explain to you how it works, he will simply show you. Whether speaker, entrepreneur or moderator – you will find fun and joy in it and hold with enthusiasm speeches and lectures! Speak freely with a system! more 


Rhetoric trainings, communication trainings, media trainings – for every group size and almost every target group, one or two days. With a lot of fun and a high entertainment factor, Michael Rossié shows you new ways of communication. The trainings have a high practical part, so that everything can be tried out immediately. The trainings are guaranteed powerpoint-free. more


Individual or two-person coaching in all areas of communication from rhetoric to discussion training – individually in your company, in the TV studio or in a big assembly hall, whether 1 hour or several days. In this way you will overcome the fear of public speeches and difficult conversations and become fit for any situation, no matter how difficult! more


You can hire me for speeches covering the subjects: vocal delivery, language, body language, communication and dealing with conflicts. You can choose the length of the speech and the number of participants. Big audiences are no Problem, and entertaining after-dinner speeches and big events are also one of my specialties. Every speech will be customized, and so every speech is unique. more

About Michael Rossié

Michael Rossié ´bringt jeden zum Reden´!
The well-known keynote speaker, author and coach has also been passing on his knowledge as a speaker and communication trainer for many years. Whether someone in top management wants to make inspiring speeches to the point, present grippingly as an employee or simply be able to speak freely and easily in front of an audience as a person without speech fear – Michael Rossié leads everyone with ease on the way to self-confident communication and pleasure in speech and performance. He has developed his own methods that have helped thousands of people to give better speeches and communicate more easily. Because talking is more than just putting one word after the other, it is also about appearance and point of view, about rhetoric and enthusiasm, about self-confidence and authenticity, and it is about the right empathy for other people. more