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About Michael Rossié

The well-known keynote speaker, author and coach has also been passing on his knowledge as a speaker and communication trainer for many years. Whether someone in top management wants to make inspiring speeches to the point, present grippingly as an employee or simply be able to speak freely and easily in front of an audience as a person without speech fear – Michael Rossié leads everyone with ease on the way to self-confident communication and pleasure in speech and performance. He has developed his own methods that have helped thousands of people to give better speeches and communicate more easily. Because talking is more than just putting one word after the other, it is also about appearance and point of view, about rhetoric and enthusiasm, about self-confidence and authenticity, and it is about the right empathy for other people.

Michael Rossié has worked on stage and working in TV studios for almost 30 years. He works for many TV and Radio stations as well as companies in all kinds of different industries, and has more than 25 years experience as a speaker, speech trainer and coach.

Born in Cologne and raised in the lower Rhine, he attended the Ruth v. Zerboni acting School  in Munich after graduating from high school. He worked for a number of years as a freelance actor and director and also began training radio hosts and TV news anchors. Over the years he has helped a large number of celebrities to prepare for appearances on TV.

Michael has more than 200 appointments a year with film productions, various companies, political parties, academies, schools and high schools with hosts, presenters, speakers, politicians, professors, teachers, trainers, managers, athletes, musicians, salespeople and others who speak in public for a living. Additionally Michael Rossié is a popular and much sought-after presenter, keynote and after-dinner speaker at events and on stages of all kinds.

In 2013 he became the twelfth German speaker to be awarded the title “Certified Speaking Professional”. This is an internationally recognized qualification, established by the National Speakers Association in America.